My music

Like so many others I grew up in the 1990s. Back then the internet was something you had to dial, and downloading pretty much anything was a project as it took so long. Many in my family are musicians as well, so I guess fiddling around with it has always been in the back of my head. Somehow I managed to find a piece of software called Impulse Tracker. To this day I’m very impressed with it. It was made for Dos and written in Assembler. I was completely overwhelmed when I opened it up, but I kept pressing buttons and somehow managed to make music. I didn’t have any training – just my interest in the subject and the fact that I couldn’t not keep working on it. I kept working with Impulse Tracker for many years, but eventually Windows wasn’t backwards-compatible enough that I could run the software (pretty much a done deal after Windows 98 SE came out). I then moved on to something called Schism Tracker which was a clone of the former software, but written so that it could run on Windows. Schism Tracker wasn’t done though, and I had some issues. Eventually (around 2008) I decided to try out a proper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – a term for pretty much any modern professional music software) and I ended up with Fruity Loops which I use to this day.

I’m inspired by many things and many people. These sources of inspiration include video games like Super Mario and Zelda (Koji Kondo), Battletoads (David Wise), the Mega Man games (various) and Doom (Bobby Prince). Though I grew up with, and prefer, the NES as a console, I actually prefer the famous SID chip found in Commodore 64. It can make some awesome sounds, so music for the C64 inspires me as well. I really like synth sounds as well, so I try to blend these two things together.

Soundcloud – A social music discovery service. The sound quality is noticeably low.

Bandcamp – Less socially inclined, but the sound quality here is top notch.

My Instagram page – if you ever wonder what I might be working on at the moment, this is the place to go.

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